28.11.2018  Thematic Session on Artificial Intelligence and Criminal Law Responsibility, Palais de l’Europe, Strasbourg, France

25.10.2018  European Data Summit, KAS, Berlin, Deutschland

5.9.2018      EPIP 2018 Conference, ESMT, Berlin, Deutschland

25.1.2018    11th International Conference: Computers Privacy & Data Protection: THE INTERNET OF BODIES, Les Halles de Schaerbeck,
                      Bruxelles, Belgium
                      Panel of  “Informationalization” of Body Signals and Criminal Investigations (Video)
                      organized by University of Basel. Chair: Stephanie Pell, West Point’s Army Cyber Institute (US) Moderator: Sabine Gless,
                      University of Basel (CH) Speakers: David Gray, University of  Maryland School of Law (US);  Dominik Herrmann,
                      University of Hamburg (DE); Jan-Philipp Albrecht, MEP (EU); Miltos Kyriakidis, ETH-Singapore Centre (Singapore)