Legal Challenges in Big Data. Allocating benefits. Averting risks.

The project aims at (a) identifying the conflicts of interests relevant for the legal regulation of Big Data, (b) elaborating doctrinal approaches that adequately underpin a legal framework governing Big Data use, (c) proposing a new regulatory framework that effectively allocates legal entitlements as well as best averts risks in a future where not only businesses, but also society, or rather state authorities, will base decisions on data mined information. A group of four young researchers shall cover crucial legal topics concerning allocation of benefits and avoidance of risks, under the supervision of faculty members and networking with external experts from the different fields involved in “Intelligent Traffic”. The young researchers’ goal is to provide PhD theses that will cover:

  1. Big Data and property rights – how to share the benefits?
  2. Big Data and consumer protection – beyond conventional privacy concepts
  3. Big Data and criminal investigations – the right to privacy and other privileges
  4. Guardians of (Big) Data – criminal justice obligations and entitlements

Overall research findings of the project team shall be published in leading journals (nationally and internationally) and be shared during two conferences and a final symposium with the various stakeholders and the public. 

NRP 75 Big Data: Foundations for a data-driven society (2017 SNSF)